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Dev Environment

Designed to be used with develop builds, the Dev Environment is a browser environment that emulates the Luna Create Hub preview page locally. Developers can speed up debugging times, test your Create Hub Fields, and verify all code paths for Runtime Analysis before uploading their projects to Luna Create Hub more easily.

LunaPlaygroundAssets fields can only be tested in Luna Create Hub.

Enabling and disabling the Dev Environment

The Dev Environment is cannot be disabled but you can view an original page by appending /iframe.html to the end of the URL (for example: should be replaced with

Differences between Dev Environment and Create Hub preview

The Dev Environment currently supports a limited number of features compared to Create Hub.

The following features are NOT currently supported by the Dev Environment:

  • Creative versions
  • Reordering and renaming fields
  • Creating and renaming sections
  • Uploading assets (such as fonts, images, video and audio)

while the following features are supported by the Dev Environment:

  • Testing Create Hub Fields to more easily check all code paths for Runtime Analysis.
  • By reloading the page or reopening it, changes made to fields are preserved.
  • An Enter / Exit Fullscreen button was added to the bottom-right corner, which hides / shows the Create Hub interface.


QR Code for Develop Builds

Make sure you are running the latest version of the Playable Plugin to use this feature.

You can easily test a playable on multiple devices with the QR code provided when running a development build in the Dev Environment.

  • Click on the QR icon located on the top-right of the middle container:


    and the QR code will pop up:


  • Make sure your device and your computer are connected to the same network.

  • Scan the QR code and you are now able to test your playable from another device!