TextMesh Pro

TextMeshPro (TMP) is a replacement for Unity’s existing text components. It makes use of Advanced Text Rendering techniques as well as custom shaders to create vast visual improvements over Unity’s default text system, while also giving users access to many new tools for styling and texturing.

Installing TMP

The TMP package is included with the Unity Editor so there is no installation requirement. However, you do need to add the ‘TMP Essential Resources’ in order for it to work.


Including Resources

TMP loads font settings via the Resources folder in Unity, and Luna's default export settings excludes this folder from builds. To include the Resources folder please tick the box next to "Resources" under the Export type section in the Basic Settings tab (Settings -> Basic).


TMP Versions Supported in Luna

Supported Versions

  • 2019 and older - 2.0.1
  • 2020 and later - 3.0.1

We do not currently support 2.1.0

As we do not support the default version of TMP for 2019, we have listed two workarounds to use TMP with Luna:

Option 1: Downgrade to 2.0.1 (Project in Unity 2019)

  1. If you are using Unity 2019, navigate to the Package Manager window (Window -> Package Manager). From here find TextMeshPro and open the drop down via clicking the arrow to the left (circled below).

  2. From here select the 2.0.1 option in the list of versions, and then press the "Update to 2.0.1" button.


    After this has been updated you are good to go!

Option 2: Upgrade to 3.0.1 (Upgrade project to Unity 2020)

Note: Updating to a newer version of Unity can cause unforeseen problems in your project, it is recommended that you create a backup before doing this.

  1. To update your project to Unity 2020 first open Unity Hub and navigate to the project you wish to upgrade.

  2. Under the 'Unity Version' column select the drop-down arrow to the right of your project's version number, and select a Unity 2020 version you have installed.

    Note: The newer the Unity 2020 version, the more likely it is that it will contain new features that we do not yet support in Luna. Making use of such features will cause errors in your Luna build. Please keep this in mind when using Unity 2020 with Luna, or consider using previous versions of Unity.

  3. After selecting your desired version, click confirm on the warning window that will pop up. Your project will update itself to the version selected and open.

  4. When the project has opened, navigate to the Package Manager window (Window -> Package Manager). From here find TextMeshPro and open the drop down via clicking the arrow to the left (circled below).

  5. The default version of TMP for Unity 2020 is 3.0.1, so it should already be the installed version. You can check the installed version by the number next to the up arrow along from the package name (circled above).

    If it is not the version installed, find it in the drop-down list and update to it.

  6. The last step to being able to use TMP 3.0.1 is to make sure you force-include the TMP Settings asset file in the Luna Plugin window:
    To do so, first open the Plugin and navigate to the Assets tab.
    From here locate the TMP Settings.asset file within the Force-include Assets interface (Should be located at Assets/TextMesh Pro/Resources/TMP Settings).
    Upon finding it click the box to the left of it to force-include it in your Luna build.


    Now you're all good to go!