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Luna Elements

Luna Elements provides you with a workflow and set of templates to creative interactive experience. By taking your games' assets (videos, images) you can quickly generate unlimited versions of your experience, with no code required.

Getting Started

Video Tutorial

Check out our tutorial video on how to get started with Luna Elements, this example makes use of the Tap To Play template and takes you through the creative process from start to finish.


  1. In your Luna Create Hub account, navigate to the app in Create Hub you wish to create your concept in (or add a new one with Add concept button).


  1. After clicking into your app of choice, select the Add Concept button in the top right.


  1. This will bring up the creative menu, from here select Elements and then hit continue.


  1. You will now be presented with the playable creation flow and playable gallery.


  1. Provide your playable with a name, icon and App Store URLs.

  2. From the gallery, choose the template you wish to use for your experience. For more information, check out the pages in the Templates sections.

  3. Press "Create".

You will now see a new Playable in Luna Create Hub. All Playables built with Luna Elements will have Elements in the Source column (image below).


Editing your Elements Playable

Once you have created your playable with Elements, you will be presented with a new concept in Luna Create Hub.

Within your concept, you can create numerous variations for your game. For more information about variations and using the editor, see here.

Each template comes with a number of general configurable fields and also fields that are highly-relevant to the specific template you are using.

These fields allow you to fully customise the content, look and experience of your playable.

Missing a field? Why not leave us some feedback and tell us what you'd like to see.

Playable Templates

The templates provided in the template gallery provide a wide range of customisable fields which enable you to create unique and engaging playable experiences.

Full details of each template are outlined in the following pages.

  • Choices - presents up to three choices, each having an image and/or text.
  • Static End Card - a simple static end card including background, icon and text.
  • Tap To End Card - An image or video sequence, which opens an end care once tapped.
  • Tap To Play - A video with multiple play/pause moments for the user to interact with.
  • Tap To Un-Loop - A short looped video intro, which plays after user interaction.
  • End Card Overlay - A video or image overlaid by a static end card.
  • Tap To Overlay - Similar to Tap to end card, an image or video sequence, which opens an end care once tapped with a Apple-styled end card.
  • Tap To Loop Or Play - This template allows you to set up to 4 pauses that you can loop or pause with your interaction hint.