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Tap To Overlay

This template has the same functionalities as the Tap to End Card template. However, it brings some updated features and the End Card now resembles the Apple store.

When to use it?

This template aims to let users create a connection between the creative's end card and the App store. By using this template, users can show a video from the beginning of a level, or a segment just before a key milestone in the game.


Below is an example using real assets from a game.


Improved fake UI feature

With this new template, one of the updated features is the option to stop fake UI elements after a certain amount of interactions or after a specific period. This will help the user to gain more control when the fake UI appears on the screen, while the interaction pause occurs.


Tap to unloop field controls

With the updated Loop feature, a user can start a video at a specific time and loop it between two specific time frames. This will let you loop the video you use at any duration, and not just at the beginning.

Hint animation speed

We added a feature where you can control the speed at which the hint moves. This creates a smoother hint that can match directly with the video movements.

Required assets

The following are the required assets in order to make this template a success.

  • Background video or image
  • Hint image
  • End card icon

Configurable Fields

This template includes a selection of general configurable fields which are all detailed here.