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Download Playables

Once you got a creative, you're ready to go ahead and download them for any of the supported Ad Networks.

Playable download balance

Each one of our Trial, Starter and Pro plans, provides you with full access to Luna technology with a set number of playable downloads per month. This balance is available to you in your account settings page, or also in the download page for playables. You can create unlimited variations of your ads, and only those which are downloaded count towards this balance.

How it works

Each playable can be downloaded for a specific ad network. One creative for one ad network is equal to one playable download.

For example, imagine you have three creatives to test, and you want to run these on two ad networks; this will be equal to 6 downloads from your balance.

3 playable creatives x 2 ad networks = 6 playable downloads

Please note, Enterprise+ accounts have unlimited downloads.

Download playables

  1. Once your creative is ready, click Save in the editor screen.


  1. You have several options to download your playables from the creative list interface.


  1. You will then be presented with a download page that shows you the list of available networks and your current usage limits, based on your subscription.


If the number of playable downloads you require will exceed the balance of your account, you will see a warning in the download page and will not be able to download some or all of the selected builds.

Download warnings

If your playable build does not meet the specification for a given ad network, then you will be presented with warnings in the download page.

The two types of errors are:

  1. File size exceeded - please check out Ad Network Overview for information about the file size limit for each ad network, and our hints and tips in the asset optimisation section of these docs.

  2. Number of files exceeds 100 - this error is related to Facebook ads only. A zip archive may only contain 100 files or less, as per Facebook's specification.