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Luna Playground - Playable Testing

Testing Preview Links#

In order to generate a preview link of your project please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Playground and ensure you're logged in
  2. Upload a build (see here for instructions) or select an existing build
  3. Click the link button (circled below) on the same row containing the playable version you wish to preview


The URL to preview this version of your playable will now be copied, simply paste it in your browser, or send it to your team, to begin play testing the playable.

This preview link is debuggable as well; any console logs, warnings or errors will appear in the browser inspector

Testing Custom Events#

If you have set up custom events (see here on how to do so) then inside Playground you can test to see the events triggering.

Firstly in order to display the event messages in Playground open the Show Events dropdown and select "Show Events: On". (Shown below)


From here you can begin playing through your playable, below the game window messages will display depending on what custom event your gameplay triggers.

This list of messages is populated with the most recently triggered event at the top, and duplicate events are grouped together with a counter to the right of the message.

For example; below the "TilePlaced" event has been called 3 times.