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Verify Luna Installation

Once you have completed the previous steps, it is highly recommended to perform a simple export and also familiarize yourself with main actions available in Luna. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume you have created an empty project with a simple scene (a cube in front of the camera will suffice) and have installed Luna in there.

Your scene then might look as follows:


Assuming you have added the scene to build, configured it in Luna UI and set up as startup scene for Luna as seen in initial setup steps, open Luna UI and hit "Build Develop" in the lower left corner:


If the export completes properly, after a few minutes it will open your default file exporter (Explorer on Windows, Finder on Mac) with a tmp folder and the development build will reside in stage4 folder.

You can start any web server from that folder (i.e. http-server from Node's npm), but for your convenience Luna provides a built-in functionality for doing so.

Due to the way Luna loads resources in development builds, simply opening the web page in your browser would render nothing but a black screen, that is why it is required to run a real web server out of stage4 folder to make Luna development builds work. See below for quick and easy way to do so.

To see your scene in the browser, get back to Luna UI, navigate to Build & Upload tab on the left, and click Start server (click Stop server first if it is already running):


This will start an HTTP server in background and will launch a default browser with your build running in it:


Now you are ready to use Luna!