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Common Issues - Input

This page is dedicated to common issues surrounding Replays in Luna input. If you are experiencing an issue that does not relate to Replay in Luna input consider looking at one of the other pages in this section, which are also listed here.

Make sure to Update Replay!

A lot of times issues can be fixed by simply updating your plugin to the latest version, please make sure to check you are on the latest release version before looking further into this section. More info on how to do this here

Tap & hold input incorrectly exits when using yield return WaitforSecondsRealtime coroutine

Possible solution:

  • Refractor Yield return WaitforSecondsRealtime() to WaitforSeconds(). (Example below)
IEnumerator WaitSet()
_ready = false;
// yield return new WaitForSecondsRealtime(0.1f);
yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.1f);
_ready = true;

Inputs occurring in a different position in the input preview page compared to in Unity

You can find out about this here.

Failed to register your app warning when trying to create a new replay app

The problem could be caused by incorrect permissions on the Luna server.


Possible solution:

  • Contact Luna Tech Support to make sure your Replay permissions are set up correctly with the correct amounts and dates.