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Common Issues - Playground

This page is dedicated to common issues surrounding Replays in Luna Playground. If you are experiencing an issue that does not relate to Replay in Luna Playground consider looking at one of the other pages in this section, which are also listed here.

Make sure to Update Replay!
A lot of times issues can be fixed by simply updating your plugin to the latest version, please make sure to check you are on the latest release version before looking further into this section. More info on how to do this here

Inputs occurring in a different position in the Playground preview page compared to in Unity#

This could be caused by the preview of the capture being a different resolution than the rendered video in Unity. The input position is therefore getting scaled incorrectly.

Possible solutions:

  • Adjust the resolution in Playground to match the resolution in Unity.
  • Record tap inputs closer to the centre of the screen if possible.

Playground Fields not showing up#

This could be occurring due to ISerializationCallbackReceiver not being implemented.

Possible solutions:

  • Implement ISerializationCallbackReceiver in your scripts where fields have been marked. (Example below)
using Luna.Replay.Playground;
public class PlaygroundExample : MonoBehaviour, ISerializationCallbackReceiver {
[LunaPlaygroundField("Color of the player", 0, "Player Controls")]
private Color playerColor =;

Can't build and upload to Playground; Luna.Network.Replay.Base+yz error#

Example of this error


This could have occurred due to invalid authentication.

Possible solutions:

  • Logout and log in again.
  • Verify you are using the same account in Playground that you are logged into from within Replay in Unity.