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Below you can find a list of known limitations when using Luna Replay.

Physics differences between captures and replays

In some cases where a game is heavily physics-driven, it is possible that the capture and replay will differ. This can range from having very little visual impact, to large impacts depending.

The difference is caused by platform differences and cannot be avoided.

Recommendation - record and replay in the unity editor, or record several captures and pick the most similar result.

Several URP settings (when used together)

When these specific settings in URP are used in combination issues can arise:

Enabled Depth Texture, Disabled HDR & Disabled Anti-aliasing.

Recommendation - try disabling/enabling one or more of these settings, and the others should begin to work fine again.

Fixed Timestep changes

In order to avoid differences on capture and replay due to the varying amount of fixed update calls within each frame (that would cause issues with physics logic and randoms), we have equalised the amount of FixedUpdate calls on each frame via changes to Fixed Timestep.

What does this mean?

You can still make changes to time settings via code, but our adjustment may override changes made to fixed timestep in your project. If you get a message saying “Fixed timestep was adjusted to replay physics and other fixed frame rate updates correctly after barriers.” such an override will likely have occurred.

Lastly due to the differences in Time.fixedDeltaTime, you may notice slight differences in physics when the plugin is enabled.