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Publish a Video

Once you have rendered your videos, and added a connection in your account settings, you are ready to publish your video to an ad network.

  1. Access the rendering page for your video set(s) - Luna Replay > Download All.

  2. Select the videos you wish to publish together in a group.

  3. If selecting a single video, you can select the publish icon found in the row of the rendered video. If selecting multiple videos, you can select the 'Publish' button at the top of the page.


  1. When you have selected Publish, you will be provided with a menu which allows you to choose which Ad Network the videos will be published to.


  1. Select your Organisation and Ad Account.


  1. Hit publish! You will then be brought to the Publish screen where you can see the status of your upload, and all previous uploads to each network. Click on the row will expand the publishing item to show you the individual videos.


The status column indicates when the upload has been successfully processed.