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Input Scaler API

The Input Scaler API allows you to set your own custom scaling strategy - Luna Replay will then get the required input based on this scaling logic when required.

A single input point is turned into two instances of the same point; one for gameplay input, and one for UI input. The ScaleFunction API is then called twice, one with uiPass set to true, and with uiPass set to false.

  • uiPass == true: UI input scaling
  • uiPass == false: gameplay input scaling
public delegate Vector2 Scaler(Vector2 input, bool uiPass);

Scaler Luna.Replay.Api.Input.ScaleFunction {get; set;}


Shifting the input by 200 pixels to the right for UI only.

Luna.Replay.Api.Input.ScaleFunction = ( input, uiPass ) => {
if ( uiPass ) {
input.x += 200;
return input;