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Replay API - Overview

A number of APIs are provided as part of the Luna Replay Unity plugin to enable easier workflow and enhanced synchronisation.

Workflow APIs

  • Define symbols are provided to simplify the integration into your project.
  • HUD APIs allow you to enable/disable the HUD.
  • Editor APIs enable and disable the Replay plugin.

Synchronisation APIs

Luna Replay synchronises a number of events, values and inputs in order to replay a capture. For the majority of the games, this will be sufficient to replay a piece of gameplay accurately.

However, there may be need to manually synchronise certain points in the gameplay sequence and code, when more advanced techniques are used such as the use of asynchronous loading.

To manage and account for such cases, Luna Replay provides an API, which includes:

  • Barriers - used to record and restore game state at specific intervals. Typically used so synchronise asynchronous loading.
  • Checkpoints - used to store random number state between capture and replay.
  • DataPrefs - used to store a value during capture, and fetch it during replay.