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Video Presets

Video Presets allow you to save a number of commonly used video settings to use across various Video Sets and Replay Apps.

For example, if you often publish videos to the same platforms, then instead of entering these settings manually each time you integrate with a new app or record a new capture, you can simply apply on of the presets added to your account.

Video Presets are Account-level, and shared across all Replay Apps.

Creating Video Presets

  1. In Creative Suite, navigate to any Replay app and access Video Settings from the sidebar.
  2. In the Video Presets UI, click "+ Video Preset". You will be presented with the Video Preset Settings dialogue.


  1. Name your preset i.e. Square Video.


  1. Define your preset parameters. You can check with the documentation on Video Settings and Video Size for more information.

  2. Hit "Save".


Duplicate your Video Presets

Once a video preset is created, you can duplicate it to quickly create a new variations.


Or you can delete it, if required. Please not, this will remove the preset availability for all future Video Sets.

Deleting Video Presets

You can delete individual presets, or select multiple presets to delete at once.

  • To delete a single, simple click the drop down menu for and select Delete.
  • To delete one or more preset, you may select the captures you no longer require, and click Delete in the main menu.


Renaming Presets

If you would like to change the name of a preset, simple click on the row, and the settings dialogue will open. Here, you can change the name.