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Video Previews

When creating your video sets, you may preview videos in the editor to check the output of your settings.

Previews will not be counted towards your account usage limits, and the videos will need to be rendered again before they are available for downloading.

There are two options for preview.


When creating a video set, the initial preview video will contain the default settings in your build. For example, if the background colour of your game is set to black, then the preview will have a black background.

You can change back to this preview at any time by pressing "Original video" above the preview window.



You can also preview your custom settings in the editor, such as changes to language, resolution or any gameplay variable. Once your changes are applied, simply press the "Customised" button above the preview window.


After selecting "Customised" a dialogue will be displayed which contains the current variations within the selected video set.

Single Videos


By clicking on the row, the full video will be rendered and show in the preview.


Multiple Videos

If you have multiple videos within a video set, then these will be displayed in the customised dialogue. Simple select the row of choice to preview the video in editor.



In order to speed up rendering time for previews, you may select a slice instead of selecting the full video. The slice will render only the first 2s, 5s or 10s of the video.

This is useful if you want to quickly tests resolutions, or visual effects which are present in the beginning of the video, without waiting for the full preview to render.