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Initial Setup

Once Luna Replay has been installed, there are several simple steps required to setup the Unity project for use with Replay.

  1. Sign in to Creative Suite
  2. Enter your Package Id & App name
  3. Set API level in Player Settings
  4. Configure Game Variables
  5. Advanced Settings

1. Sign in to Creative Suite

Creative Suite is the user interface used for creating your video replays. It is also used to synchronise gameplay recordings (captures).

In order to use Replay, you must have access to a Creative Suite account, and sign in to this account in the Unity Editor. This need to be completed before creating your first capture.

  1. In Unity, select Tools > Luna Replay > Replay Settings in the menu bar.


  1. In the inspector, you will now see the Luna Replay Settings, with three tabs: Disabled, Capture and Replay.

Open the Disabled tab and enter your User Email and User Password.


2. Enter your Package Id & App name

The Package Id and Application name will be used to identify and synchronise your captures in Creative Suite. Please make sure they are unique.

3. Make sure your API level is set at .NET 4.x

In order to use Luna Replay, the API Compatibility Level for your project must be set to .NET 4.x.

  1. Open Player Settings .
  2. Select Player.
  3. Navigate to API Compatibility Level under Configuration.
  4. Select .NET 4.x from the dropdown menu.
  5. For the scripting backend, Luna Replay supports Mono or IL2CPP.


4. Configure Game Variables

By default, you will be able to create video replays with varying resolutions, system languages and output (codecs and quality).

In order to expose your gameplay variables (i.e. characters, camera angles and colours) to be used when creating your video replays, you must apply the LunaPlaygroundField attribute to the relevant serializable fields in Unity. Please see this guide for more details.

5. Advanced Project Settings (optional)

There are several optional settings which can be used for certain scenarios, which we have outlined here.

For example, if you are using Player Preferences in your game, then whilst these work out of the box, we recommend wrapping them in a simple API to ensure consistency across all device types.

Luna Academy: Getting Started with Luna Replay

Check out our tutorial video on how to install the Replay plugin, all the way up to creating your first video in Creative Suite.