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Installing Luna Replay

This page outlines step-by-step instructions to be followed when installing Luna Replay into a new or existing Unity project.


Luna Replay has the following system requirements:

  • Unity Personal or Pro 2018.2 or newer (iPhones on Unity 2022+ are not supported — please use simulator instead)
  • MacOS or Windows
  • Scripting backend: Mono
  • API Compatibility Level: .NET 4.x
  • Legacy input system
Please avoid the use of network calls. These may work in the Unity editor but will be blocked by our server if you wish to use Creative Suite


Luna Replay is distributed as a Unity package.

Simply download the package, and import it into your Unity project.

  1. Drag the LunaReplay-x.y.z.unitypackage into the Assets folder.
  2. Select Import.


That's it! Luna Replay is now installed, and ready for setup.