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Kochava Setup

Integration Guide

This guide details how you can track installs in Creative Suite when using Kochava as your measurement partner.

  1. Login to your Kochava account and set up a postback, and be sure to set the delivery method to “all”. You can find out more details on how to do that here.

  2. Set up your click tracking URLs following your regular approach (for example, one link per App/OS/Network combination).

  3. When you have generated your tracking links, add the following parameter to end of the URL:


For example:{ApplicationId}_{ApplicationName}&c={CampaignName}&af_adset={adgroup_name}&af_ad={CreativeName}&lickid={DynamicParameter}&luna_labs_click_id=1

  1. Please also make sure to include the following tracking parameters which enable more accurate matching:
  • c={CampaignName}
  • af_adset={AdSetName}
  • af_ad={CreativeName}
We take your data and user privacy very seriously at Luna. By using the above parameter in the playables you create with Luna, you can ensure that only the relevant data is shared. We do not use or store any personally identifiable information, such as IP address or Device ID.
  1. Go live!

  2. Make sure to follow the instructions to set up matching in Creative Suite.