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Repeat wrap mode used


Repeat wrap mode used on a texture with non power-of-two dimensions, may cause it to be rendered incorrectly.


Playable Plugin targets WebGL 1 API, which is roughly equivalent to OpenGL ES 2.0. This family of graphics API doesn't support the sampling textures with addressing mode Repeat, if the texture's dimensions are not power-of-two.

Steps to fix

There are two options of how this warning can be eliminated:

  • Use Unity's "Non Power of 2" option to automatically resize the texture to become a PoT texture (Luna does respect this setting as well). This option can be found in texture's import settings:


  • Resize the original file in any graphics editor (Photoshop, Sketch etc) to make sure both width and height are power of two (2, 4, 8, 16 ...)