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Deferred rendering is not supported


Deferred rendering is not supported.


Playable Plugin targets WebGL 1 API, which often lacks the appropriate extension to support multiple framebuffer attachments. Because of this limitation, it is impossible to support to Deferred rendering path.

Steps to fix

There are two options to fix the issue:

  1. Switch cameras' rendering path to "Forward" instead of "Deferred". This can be done by changing Camera components' settings in Inspector panel:


  1. Switch default rendering path to "Forward" under "Graphics" project settings if your cameras have "Use Graphics Settings" under their "Rendering path" property. This can be done by navigating to Edit > Project Settings > Graphics in main Unity menu:


You can use a separate build target (i.e. WebGL) to amend the default rendering path if your cameras have "Use Graphics Settings" under their "Rendering path" property and switching the project globally is undesirable. In order to do this, please switch to WebGL build target before running the export.