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Lighting is different in Luna

Possible reasons:

  • Keywords in your shaders that pertain to rendering features unsupported in Luna will not appear in the Luna build. E.g. INSTANCING_ON SHADOWS_SCREEN

  • As shadows are not currently supported in Luna, they will not be rendered in your build. The absence of your shadow map may be causing your lighting to look off, depending on how you were using it.

  • You may have some baked data in Unity, while now you're using real time lighting again.

  • Lighting data is not included in the Luna build.

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure Unity build platform is set to PC and not to Android.
  • The default Graphics API for Unity is metal, but in Luna we have WEBGL. The closest option available in Unity to this is OpenGLES2. If you switch to this Graphics API then you will have a much more accurate preview of how your scene will look in Luna whilst still working on it in Unity.
  • Turn off cast and receive shaders on the game objects in Unity, and adjust the scene lighting to make it look correct. Then rebuild for Luna.
  • Make sure that Auto Generate box is checked in the Lighting Settings inspector in Unity. Save the project and do a new Luna build.


  • Delete the baked lighting data in Unity. (Example of this below)