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Code diagnostics error with Dreamteck Splines plugin

Dreamteck Splines plugin prevents Luna from building the project. The Error in Luna shows:

The type or namespace name Serialization / XmlDocument / XmlNodeList / XmlNode does not exist in the namespace….


The reason could be that the plugin uses the namespaces System.Threading and System.Xml to generate and store spline data. These neamespaces are not supported by Luna.

Possible solution:

  • Exclude / stub scripts and codes that reference unsupported classes, because they will not be used at runtime.

Here is a list with the files to exclude:

  • CSV.cs
  • SVG.cs
  • SplineParser.cs
  • SplineThreading.cs

Files that has lines to exclude or stub (by using #if !UNITY_LUNA and #endif):

  • SplineUser.cs
  • SplineTracer.cs
  • SplineComputer.cs

All these three files have SplineThreading method references that also need to be removed.