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Set Optimal Settings Button

In the Playable Plugin Unity plugin interface, there are a number of settings that allow you to optimise your playable. Within the many options we offer, we have picked out a set of which that we believe to be a good starting point for the majority of projects to use.

The Optimise Build Size button applies these settings to your project for you without the need to go selecting them individually yourself.

Where the button is located

This button can be located in each individual tab of the Assets section of the Playable plugin window.


What settings does this apply?

Setting NameSetting DescriptionValue(s) Set by this button
Set textures default (maxHeight & maxWidth)The width/height for textures in pixels.512
Textures default formatThe default format to use for textures, unless otherwise changed for individual textures.PNG32
Textures default compressionThe default compression method to use for textures, unless otherwise changed for individual textures.PNGQuant small size
Textures default quality for JPEGThe default quality for JPEG textures, unless otherwise changed for individuals.65
Sounds default formatSet sounds to be either Stereo, Mono or their original state (default).mono
Sounds default bitrateSet the maximum bitrate for sound files.128
Sounds default durationSet the maximum duration for sound files.30
Store Meshes in Half-precision floating-point formatReduces Mesh size by storing values in half-precision.Enabled
Store Animations in Half-precision floating-point formatReduces Animation size by storing values in half-precision.Enabled
Code minificationRemoves unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the code is executed in the browser.Enabled
Compress resourcesApplies compression to all resources in the playable ad to reduce size.Enabled
Force disable Anti AliasingDisable Anti Aliasing for all devices.Enabled