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This quickstart guide is a short set of instructions for setting up the necessary dependencies and installing the Playable Plugin, creating a develop build, and uploading your project to Creative Suite.

1. Set Up The Dependencies

Install Unity

Playable Plugin is compatible with the following Unity versions:

  • 2020.3.16 or higher
  • 2021.3 (LTS)

You can download Unity from the Unity download archive.

Installing Dependencies

Independent Development Environment (IDE)

You can develop using whichever IDE is most convenient for you. If you don't have an IDE then as a recommendation, we would suggest to download Visual Studio since you can also install .NET by using its installer.

Install .NET 4.7

You will need to download .NET package to have the correct framework and libraries to work with Luna. .NET is required for C# (gameplay code) to JavaScript (gameplay code) conversion.

If you are on Windows, you can download .NET 4.7 developer pack, or you can use Visual Studio Installer:

  1. Click the 'Modify' button next to the version of VS you are using
  2. From the window opened select .Net desktop development
  3. In the right hand side of the window (Installation details) new items will appear
  4. Select .NET 4.7 and above (Example of this below)


  1. Next navigate to the 'Individual Components' tab
  2. Search in for '.NET' and select the 4.7 SDK & targeting pack items (Example of this below)


  1. After selecting all these hit 'Modify' in the bottom right and let the items install


MS-Build is a build tool provided by VisualStudio/Mono.Frameworks and is used to compile code packages for Playable Plugin. thus is crucial to certain Luna build stages.

For Windows MsBuild is usually located inside:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\MSBuild\Current\Bin\MSBuild.exe

If using windows, it is possible to install MSbuild through the visual studio build tools package, which includes the .Net desktop development workload mentioned above. Build tools can be found here.


In some cases Luna could be failing to compile relating to an issue with a missing .NetFramework assembly. Try installing each of the .NetFramework 4.x targeting packs and SDKs through the visual studio installer mentioned abov

2. Install Playable Plugin

Login to the Luna Creative Suite website and download the latest version of Playable Plugin. Make sure you unzip the downloaded Playable plugin to a location outside of any project.

Open the Package Manager in your Unity project:


Click on the + button and select Add Package from Disk.


Select the package.json file in the script folder of the Playable Plugin directory.


After the completion, you can either select Tools and click on Playable Plugin, or use the shortcut cmd+E if you're on a Mac, or ctrl+E if you're on Windows.


This will open the Playable Plugin window.


3. Verify The Installation


We recommend creating a new Unity project to test whether Playable plugin works properly.


  • Select the Build & Upload tab and click on Build Develop.


  • Once it's done, click on Open In Browser.


  • The Dev Environment will open with your scene.


4. Export Your Project To Creative Suite

  • Select Build & Upload and click on the Upload to Creative Library tab.


  • Select an application from the dropdown menu and create a new concept or select an existing one. If you select new concept, enter a name for the concept.


    For more information about applications, click here.

  • Click on build & upload.


  • Once it's done, open Creative Suite and click on your application. Your concept is now available within your app.


5. Download Ad Network Build

  • Click on your concept and select the creative you want to download.


  • Click on the Download or Publish button.


  • Select the ad networks you want to download the build for.


  • Click on Download Creatives.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded your first platform build!