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Unity Ads

Network Specifications

  • Format: Single html file (index.html)
  • Size: Up to 5MB


In order to test your build for Unity Ads, please follow these steps:


Your playable ad must include the App Store and Google Play app store URLs in order to pass QA. Before carrying out the following steps, please ensure you have set these links in the Playable UI under:

Please make sure that for iOS app store links, you use the domain, and NOT the domain.

  1. Copy Unity Ads link from the download menu in your Creative Suite account


  2. Download the Android or iOS test app from Unity

  3. Open the app and past in the URL of your playable ad

  4. Press "Initialize"

  5. Once the ad is loads, press "Show"

  6. If the ad fails to load, or to check the status of the ad, go back to the main screen and press "Analyse". Any issues will be surfaced in the Creative report