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Attribution - Overview

Understanding how your creative experiences generate results, is one of the most important aspects of creative optimisation.

To enable you to match your creatives and engagement data (see more here about playable analytics) to install data, Luna has integrated with a number of platforms and mobile measurement partners to capture install data at a concept level.

How does it work?

When a playable is enabled for attribution in Luna, we will begin listening for install events from one of the supported partners. When an install is received, we are able to match this based on some data including click time and concept name.

If we find a match, an install will be logged and available in Luna Insights for use in your concept analysis.

As it is common to use an attribution URL for a campaign or ad network, Luna provides a concept matching functionality in your playable's general settings (Settings -> General). This allows you to tell Luna which concept from each ad network to a specific creative in Luna.

In order to go live with install events in Luna Creative Suite, please:

  1. Follow the setup instructions for your attribution provider (see below)
  2. Complete the setup steps for Luna Creative Suite

Supported Partners

We are currently integrating with more partners! Watch this space!