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Events - Overview

The Events Overview report provides you with data and visualisations from the playable analytics events within your playables. Learn more about standard and custom events.

The Events Overview report allows you to quickly and easily view event data from your playable broken down by a number of dimensions.

You can build customised reports based on the type of information you are interesting in, using our report builder functionality.


Generate a report

Any report that you generate in the Events Overview page is created using our report builder and will follow the same structure. The top level filters will be applied to any report that you generate.

  1. Event - select which event you are interested in analysing from the drop down menu.

  2. View - how you would like to see this event, using one of the following:
    a. number of events
    b. number of sessions
    c. % of sessions
    d. % of impressions
    e. sum of parameter
    f. max of parameter
    g. min of parameter

  3. Grouping - the dimension by which you would like to slice the data:
    a. nothing
    b. ad network
    c. os name
    d. country
    e. version
    d. locale
    d. event parameter

You can also make use of the filters which be applied to any set of data you wish to visualise.

Examples: What kind of data can I see?

By using the report builder, you can fully explore your data to be able to answer questions about your playable performance.

Engagement rate by country

Event: First Interaction
View: % of impressions
Grouping: country


Percentage of custom events per impressions, by OS

Event: Custom Event: Level Won, Custom Event: Level Lost
View: % of impressions
Grouping: os