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Advanced Settings

In the Playable Plugin Unity plugin interface, a number of advanced settings are provided in order to help you customise the build output of your playables. Navigate to the Settings section and the Advanced tab.


Use PlayerPrefs

If your game uses PlayerPrefs, then you may use this checkbox to test the playable behaviour as some ad networks may not facilitate the storing/retrieving of local data.

Code Minification


Code minification removes unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the code is executed in the browser. This should be used to reduce the overall size of your playable.

Force Disable Anti Aliasing

By default, anti aliasing will be used if supported by the device which is running the playable. Use this option if you want to disable anti alias for all devices.

Use Base64 encoding

Luna now encodes assets such as images and videos in Base122. By switching to Base122, we can now represent assets using 122 characters instead of 64, saving up to ~30% space in comparison to Base64.

The only downside is that browsers only support Base64 encoding, but this is handled by a javascript library on our end while the ad is loading. However, this slightly adds to the startup time. Base122 will be the default setting, however, users can revert to Base64 by using this setting.


Project Settings


Auto-instantiate prefabs


This toggle is not be present in Playable Plugin 4.4.0 and newer versions as it has been reworked and is automatically enabled.

The Auto-instantiate Prefabs option instantiates prefabs during playable startup when enabled. This can lead to longer loading time but reduce frame rate drops during gameplay.

Realtime Shadows

You can enable/disable Realtime Shadows in your project by using this option.

Bake Reference Ambient Probe

For more information on this, click here.

Luna Compiler V2 (from Unity 2020.2 and newer versions)

The new pipeline compiles C# 9.0 / 8.0 and downgrades the C# version of code. Then, the pipeline compiles the lowered C# version code and converts it into JavaScript. Check this option to activate it.

For more information about the new scripting pipiline: click here.


The preloader is displayed while the playable ad is initialising, to ensure users aren't left waiting with a blank screen.



This checkbox enables or disables the preloader.


The icon will be displayed in the centre of the screen. Recommended size: 50x50 pixels.

Background Color

Use this field to change the background color of the preloader.